Custom Furniture, Wall Art, and Quirky Wood Crafts
made from Rustic Wood reclaimed from our
4th Generation Family Farm.

Granary Woodcrafts is all about creativity. Does your company need a boardroom river table with an engraving of the owner's hunting dog? How about a rainbow table made with rustic wood that depicts God's promise to man, complete with a large engraving of Noah's Ark? Or would you prefer a table engraved with a South Dakota buffalo? Perhaps you would like one of our "Shark Coochie" Charcuterie Boards that have the corresponding image as an engraving?  Maybe you are just looking for a unique rustic end table or piece of wall art? This is just a sample of projects we have worked on so far.

This website, like our business, is still under construction.

Check back with us as we grow! As I build signature pieces I will add pictures of them to this page. I will also be adding pictures and videos of my workshops as the business grows. One day this page will host an online storefront, but we're not quite ready for that yet.

Scott Stubbe, Owner
Granary Woodcrafts