Granary Woodcrafts

Custom Furniture, Wall Art, and other Wood Crafts made from Rustic Wood reclaimed from our 4th Generation Family Farm.

Do you have a home or business space that is, let's say, less than impressive? Or are you moving into a new space that needs a special touch to show that you are a successful person with excellent taste? I can help you own unique rustic style furniture built from reclaimed wood that your friends and clients will admire and talk about. We can even personalize it to incorporate your personal or business brand identity.

This website, like our business, is still under construction.

Check back with us as we grow! As I build signature pieces I will add pictures of them to this page. I will also be adding pictures and videos of my workshops as the business grows. One day this page will host an online storefront, but we're not quite ready for that yet.

Scott Stubbe, Owner
Granary Woodcrafts